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Papers devoted to systematics, morphology, geography, and phylogeny of fungi (including lichen-forming species), and mycetoprotists (slime-moulds) written in English (preferably) or Russian (with an English summary) may be submitted to MYCENA*.

The Journal is divided into the following main sections:

Theory : problems associated with systematics and phylogeny of fungi, methodology and the organization of science (maximum size 55 pages of typescript);
Systematics & Geography : systematics, geography, and phylogeny of separate taxa (maximum size 38 pages of typescript);
Floristic Notes : interesting finds, data on rare species distribution (maximum size 6 pages of typescript);
News : notes dealing with conferences, seminars, and excursions associated with mycology (maximum size 4 pages of typescript);
Point of View : articles and notes dealing with issues of current interest, discussions and book reviews (maximum size 20 pages of typescript).

Some Journal issues can be totally devoted to monographic works, but the wire binding system limits their size to ca 88 pp.

Papers must be accompanied by the following information for each author: name of organization, address, e-mail address. Providing an e-mail address greatly simplifies the publishing process. Other obligatory elements of papers are brief title (for running titles), universal decimal classification code (UDC), 316 keywords, and data on manuscript finishing, determined by the author(s). References must contain the full title, place of publication (for monographs), issue number, page-spead, and year of publication. Papers pre-reviewed by a specialist(s) selected by the author(s) and mentioned in Acknowledgements will receive priority.

Manuscript submission

Manuscripts may be submitted by e-mail ( or by conventional post (to E.O. Yurchenko, Institute of Experimental Botany, Akademichnaya str. 27, BY-220072, Minsk, Belarus) on floppy or compact disk.

Manuscripts should have the following format: MS Word RTF or DOC (if with inserted illustrations). Illustrations are accepted in black & white or grayscale mode, with resolution 300 dpi, or in paper form. Pictures of morphological structures should be accompanied by a scale bar.

*Short papers written in Latin and French may also exceptionally be submitted.

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