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Vol. 1, No. 1 (2001)

Issued: May 2001
21.0×14.8 cm, 96(+2) pp., 13 b/w illustrations; under general editorial direction of I.V. Zmitrovich

Title page; Preface (p. 1); Contents (p. 2)

Zmitrovich I.V. Macrosystem and phylogeny of Basidiomycetes: the case for a red algal progenitor (in Russian with English summary). P. 358.
Key words: evolutionary tendencies, floridean ancestry, Heterobasidiomycetidae, Homobasidiomycetidae, systematics, Uredinales

Malysheva V.F. Phellinus lonicerinus in Samara region (in Russian with short English summary). P. 5963.
Key words: new find, Phellinus baumii, Ph. conchatus, Ph. hippophaëcola, Ph. linteus, Ph. rimosus, systematics

Spirin W.A. Tyromyces P. Karst. and related genera (in English). P. 6471.
Key words: Antrodiella, Leptoporellus, Porpomyces, Radulodon, Sarcodontia, taxonomy
New taxa and new combinations proposed: Antrodiella wynnei comb. nov., Leptoporellus gen. nov., L. canadensis comb. nov., L. fumidiceps comb. nov., L. galactinus comb. nov., L. kmetii comb. nov., L. wakefieldiae comb. nov., Porpomyces cremeus comb. nov., Radulodon aneirinus comb. nov., Sarcodontia delectans comb. nov., S. pachyodon comb. nov., S. spumea comb. nov., Tyromyces fissiliformis comb. nov.

Yurchenko E.O. Corticioid fungi on mosses in Belarus (in English). P. 7191.
Key words: Amphinema byssoides, Athelia arachnoidea, A. epiphylla, bryophilous fungi, Corticiaceae s. l., Pleurozium schreberi

Zmitrovich I.V. Some new combinations in Polyporaceae: sapienti sat (in Latin). P. 9193.
Key words: Cerrena, Fomes, Ischnoderma, Fabisporus, trametoid polypores
New taxa and new combinations proposed: Cerrena byrsina comb. nov., C. caperata comb. nov., C. drummondii comb. nov., C. fulvocinerea comb. nov., C. gallica comb. nov., C. hydnoides comb. nov., C. mollis comb. nov., C. nigrocinerea comb. nov., C. occidentalis comb. nov., C. papyracea comb. nov., C. portoricensis comb. nov., C. rigida comb. nov., C. subglabrescens comb. nov., C. taylori comb. nov., C. trogii comb. nov., C. vibratilis comb. nov., C. villosa comb. nov., C. vittata comb. nov., Fabisporus gen. nov., F. cinnabarinus comb. nov., F. crustulinus comb. nov., F. flavescens comb. nov., F. lindbladii comb. nov., F. sanguineus comb. nov., Favolus campestris comb. nov., F. squalens comb. nov., Fomes nitidus comb. nov., Ischnoderma confragosa comb. nov., I. scabrosa comb. nov., I. scutellata comb. nov., I. septentrionalis comb. nov., I. tricolor comb. nov.

Yurchenko E.O. English transliteration standards for Russian, Belarusan, and Ukrainian (in Russian with short English summary). P. 9496.
Key words: Cyrillic letters, British Standard

Vol. 1, No. 2 (2001)

Issued: 6 March 2002 (compiled in December, 2001)
21.0×14.8 cm, 55(+1) pp., 26 b/w illustrations; under general editorial direction of E.O. Yurchenko

Title page (p. 1); Contents (p. 3); Technical page (p. 56)

(Leontyev D.V.) Leontiev D.V., Akulov A.Yu. Genetic recombination in Protista : terminological revision (in Russian with English summary). P. 531. Main text (p. 528); References and Summary (p. 2931)
Key words: agamic relations, autogamy, parasexual process, polysexuality, sexual process morphology
New terms proposed (primarily in Russian): anisoautogamy, endoautogamy, hemisexual process, heterogenomic protoplast, isoautogamy, karyogamic relations, monomixis, spermatogamy

Yurchenko E.O. On some wood-inhabiting dematiaceous hyphomycetes with remarkable conidia in Belarus (in English). P. 3254.
Key words: Actinocladium, association, corticioid fungi, Cryptocoryneum, Dematiaceae, Excipularia, Helicosporium, mitosporic fungi, Taeniolella, Troposporella

Vol. 2, No. 1 (2002)

Issued: 29 November 2002
21.0×14.8 cm, 76 pp., 29 b/w illustrations, 9 halftone illustrations; under general editorial direction of E.O. Yurchenko

Title page (p. 1); Editorial board (p. 2); Contents (p. 3)

Belomesyatseva D.B. The fungi in the consortium of common juniper in Belarus (in English). P. 416.
Key words: Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, consortive connection, Deuteromycetes, disease, Juniperus communis, species consortium, trophical group

Grin'ko N.N. Rhizosphere of small volume culture of cucumber: a mycological aspect (in Russian with English summary). P. 1730.
Key words: Acremonium, Aphanocladium, Aspergillus, Botrytis, Cucumis, dominant species, Fusarium, micromycetes, peat substratum, Penicillium, root rot

Yurchenko E.O. Non-poroid aphyllophoraceous fungi proposed to the third edition of the Red Data Book of Belarus (in English). P. 3168.
Key words: Aphyllophorales, Bankera, Cantharellus cinereus, Ceraceomyces sulphurinus, Clavariadelphus, Clavicorona, conservation, Dentipellis, geography, Hericium, morphology, Phlebia albomellea, Punctularia, Scytinostroma odoratum, Sistotrema raduloides, Sparassis

Yurchenko E.O., Vynaev G.V. A rare polypore Grifola frondosa in Minsk City (in English). P. 6974.
Key words: Aphyllophorales, Quercus robur, town landscape

Vol. 2, No. 2 (2003)

Issued: 10 July 2003
21.0×14.8 cm, 76 pp., 2 b/w illustrations, 1 halftone illustration; under general editorial direction of E.O. Yurchenko

Title page (p. 1); Editorial board (p. 2); Technical page (p. 76)

Special number devoted to a monograph:
Akulov A.Yu., Usichenko A.S., Leontyev D.V., Yurchenko E.O., Prydiuk M.P. Annotated checklist of aphyllophoroid fungi of Ukraine (in English). P. 173.
Key words: Aphyllophorales, biodiversity, distribution, research history, nomenclature

Title of the monograph (p. 3); Contents (p. 4); Introduction (p. 515); List of species (p. 1656); References (p. 5772); Summary (p. 73)

Vol. 3 (2003)

Issued (signal copy): 1 June 2003
21.0×14.8 cm, 60 pp., 3 b/w illustrations, 1 halftone illustration; under general editorial direction of I.V. Zmitrovich

Title page (p. 1); Contents (p. 2)

Arefiev S.P. The system of aphyllophoroid fungi in mirror of Ecology (in Russian with English summary). P. 446.
Summary and Main text (p. 3, 429, 3246); Appendix 1 Table (p. 3031)
Key words: Betula, consortium, ecomorph, ecological modeling, mycocoenosis, ordination, phylogeny, systematics

Spirin W.A. Antrodiella romellii (Irpicaceae, Basidiomycetes) in Russia (in Russian with short English and short German summary). P. 47, 4852.
Key words: Antrodiella faginea, Aporpium vulgare, Irpex, taxonomy
New taxa and new combinations proposed: Irpicaceae fam. nov.

Zmitrovich I.V. Précisions relatives au macrosystème des champignons au regard de protozoologiste. Some corrections to fungal macrosystem in protozoologist's perspective (in French with English and short German summary). P. 47, 5359.
Key words: Chromophyta, Dinozoea, Euglenozoea, fungi, megasystematics, Plantae

Cover images for MYCENA Vol. 3
(photos by V.F. Malysheva and E.F. Malysheva)
Above left: Pluteus cervinus (Schaeff.) P. Kumm.; above right: Inocutis dryophila (Berk.) Fiasson & Niemelä; below left: Laetiporus sulphureus (Bull. : Fr.) Murrill in association with Fomes fomentarius (L. : Fr.) Fr.; below right: Macrolepiota procera (Scop. : Fr.) Singer

Vol. 4 (2004)

Issued: 21 January 2005 in Minsk
21.0×14.8 cm, 128 pp., 1 halftone illustration; under general editorial direction of E.O. Yurchenko

Title page (p. 1); p. 2; Technical page (p. 128)

Special issue devoted to a monograph:
Belomesyatseva D.B. World survey of juniper-associated fungi (in English). P. 1128.
Key words: anamorphic fungi, Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, Chromista, global list, Juniperus, myxomycetes

Title of the monograph, Contents (p. 3); Introduction (p. 422); List of species (p. 2391); References (p. 92103); Index (p. 104126); Summary (p. 127)

Vol. 5 (2005)

Issued: 26 October 2005 in Minsk
21.0×14.8 cm, 68 pp., under general editorial direction of E.O. Yurchenko

Title page (p. 1); p. 2; Cover images (p. 67); Technical page (p. 68)

Special issue devoted to a monograph:
Yurchenko E.O.
A bibliography of the occurrence of aphyllophoroid fungi in Belarus (in English).
P. 366.
Key words: Aphyllophorales, corticioid fungi, Heterobasidion annosum, polyporoid fungi, publications

Vol. 6 (2006)

Issued: 21 April 2006 in Minsk
Sent in libraries: 24 April 2006
21.0×14.8 cm, 88 pp., under general editorial direction of E.O. Yurchenko

Title page (p. 1); p. 2; Contents (p. 3)

Zmitrovich I.V., Malysheva V.F., Spirin W.A. A new morphological arrangement of the Polyporales. I. Phanerochaetineae (in English). P. 456.
Key words: aphyllophoroid fungi, corticioid fungi, Dictyonema, Fistulinaceae, homobasidiomycetes, Laetiporaceae, merulioid fungi, Phanerochaetaceae, phylogeny, systematics
New taxa and new combinations proposed: Phanerochaetineae subord. nov.; Emmia gen. nov., Leptochaete gen. nov., Raduliporus gen. nov.; Aurantioporus transformatus comb. nov., Australohydnum castaneum comb. nov., Byssomerulius irpicinus comb. nov., B. moorei comb. nov., B. pavonius comb. nov., Efibula aurata comb. nov., E. bubalina comb. nov., E. cordylines comb. nov., E. corymbata comb. nov., E. ginnsii comb. nov., E. subodontioidea comb. nov., E. subquercina comb. nov., E. tuberculata comb. nov., Emmia latemarginata comb. nov., E. metamorphosa comb. nov., Gloeoporus alachuanus comb. nov., G. ambiguus comb. nov., G. excelsus comb. nov., G. ferrugineocinctus comb. nov., G. leptodermus comb. nov., G. melleus comb. nov., G. otakou comb. nov., G. purpureus comb. nov., G. retamoanus comb. nov., G. reticulatus comb. nov., G. spissus comb. nov., G. sulphuricolor comb. nov., G. tardus comb. nov., G. totarus comb. nov., G. viridans comb. nov., Grandiniella aculeata comb. nov., G. arizonica comb. nov., G. australis comb. nov., G. caucasica comb. nov., G. chrysosporium comb. nov., G. irpicoides comb. nov., G. magnoliae comb. nov., G. martelliana comb. nov., G . robusta comb. nov., G. singularis comb. nov., G. sordida comb. nov., G. subceracea comb. nov., Grifola adusta comb. nov., G. biennis comb. nov., G. cretacea comb. nov., G. fumosa comb. nov., Hohenbuehelia spodoleuca comb. nov., Leptochaete andina comb. nov., L. calotricha comb. nov., L. carnosa comb. nov., L. galactites comb. nov., L. sanguinea comb. nov., Loweomyces sibiricus comb. nov., L. subgiganteus comb. nov., Odonticium adnatum comb. nov., O. africanum comb. nov., O. canoluteum comb. nov., O. cirratum comb. nov., O. denticulatum comb. nov., O. dispar comb. nov., O. eruciforme comb. nov., O. exilis comb. nov., O. langloisii comb. nov., O. magnahypha comb. nov., O. septocystidiatum comb. nov., O. simulans comb. nov., O. verruculosum comb. nov., Raduliporus aneirinus comb. nov., Sarcodontia unicolor comb. nov.

Safonov M.A. Wood-inhabiting aphyllophoroid fungi of the Southern Preurals (Russia) (in English). P. 5766.
Key words: Basidiomycetes, Orenburg region, Steppe Zone, Urals

Yurchenko E.O., Kotiranta H. Rare corticioid fungi (Basidiomycetes, Aphyllophorales) from central Belarus (in English). P. 6788.
Key words: Athelicium, Belarusian Moraine Ridge, Corticiaceae s. l., Leucogyrophana, Phanerochaete

Vol. 7 (2007)

Issued: 11 February 2008 in Minsk
21.0×14.8 cm, 108 pp., under general editorial direction of E.O. Yurchenko

Title page (p. 1); p. 2; Contents (p. 3)

Arnold G.R.W., Yurchenko E.O. The first contribution on mycophilous fungi from Belarus (in English). P. 419.
Key words: anamorphic, Ascomycota, Calcarisporium , Cladobotryum , fungicolous Hypocreaceae, Hypomyces , Mycogone , Sepedonium , Zygomycota

Yurchenko E.O., Kotiranta H. Rare corticioid fungi (Basidiomycetes, Aphyllophorales) from northern Belarus (in English). P. 2047.
Key words: Belarusian Lakeland , Corticiaceae s. l., Dendrothele, Hyphodontia

Yatsyna A.P., Yurchenko E.O. A bibliography of Belarusian lichenology (in English). P. 48107.
Key words: air pollution lichen indication, Ascomycota, lichenized fungi, mycobiota, publications

A taxonomic monograph on officinal Ganoderma [Wasser S.P., Zmitrovich I.V., Didukh M.Ya., Spirin W.A., Malysheva V.F. / eds. S.P. Wasser, E. Nevo. Morphological traits of Ganoderma lucidum complex. Highlighting G. tsugae var. jannieae : the current generalization]. P. 108.

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