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MYCENA is a bilingual (English/Russian)* series with a primary focus on systematic mycology, open for mycologists from the CIS countries and all other researchers, both professional and amateur. We invite submission of papers on classical fungal taxonomy and related topics, and on mycological issues under current debate, with the aim of making this journal a forum of free debate.

MYCENA was named after one of the largest and complicated genera of the Basidiomycetes. Its small-fruitbodied members growing everywhere and so alike as to appear to have the same face, continue to perplex the minds of experienced mycologists. Articles on Mycena species are particularly welcome.


MYCENA was established in 2001 as a private initiative and a sort of experimental edition on the initiative of I.V. Zmitrovich, E.O. Yurchenko, and D.B. Belomesyatseva, mycologists from Russia and Belarus. It has appeared as the second mycological journal in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) after Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya. The first number, Vol. 1, No. 1 was published in May 2001.** In February, 2002, MYCENA was included in ISSN Register. In 2002 the Editorial Board was widened up to 5 persons from Belarus and Russia. In September, 2003 the Journal was presented to XIV Congress of European Mycologists in Crimea. In October, 2005 the on-line version was recorded in ISSN Register.

From volume 1 (2001) to 3 (2003) the journal was published in Minsk and St-Petersburg, thus the full quotation of these issues is 'Mycena: An independent mycological journal. Minsk, St-Petersburg, privately published'.

*papers in other languages, such as Latin and French, are published
in exceptional cases.
**this issue has the mark 'signed for printing 31 III 2001' on the title page, but the information really belongs to the cover production.

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